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Mastery comes from systematic practice

Our decades of international teaching experience is now available as an online training program. The learning experience at LearnEd is a daily dose of English immersion. We have built deliberate and systematic practice around experiences. With unique learning tools like our story-based mobile game app or a live online session with an international coach, you’ll be challenged to build your fluency and fight your language anxiety to move towards mastery. You can take all our courses on your mobile devices. Join us to experience a new way to build confidence and create winning communication in English.

The LearnEd Method

The brain is wired to associate naturally with experiences rather than facts. That’s why our courses are built around deliberate language practice in context.


Live Online Coaching

In 30-minute intensive practice sessions, your coach will give you detailed feedback on conversation strategy, pronunciation, and speech clarity.


Our Game App

Our unique learning game app – Leap On, available on Android Play Store will take you through a journey of challenges where your success will be measured by how you apply communication strategy.


Daily Tasks

A daily task will help you work through language and phrases to master conversations on various topics.

Our Coaches


We make a big fuss about our coaches because you’ll see that one training session with a highly qualified and experienced coach can take you from “I think I can” to “Yes, I can!”. You will practise with facilitators & coaches from countries like the USA, Canada, and South Africa. All coaches have a Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching or Applied Linguistics plus many years of experience teaching and learning languages around the globe.

How effective are you while conversing in English?

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Here’s what our participants have shared about their experiences with us!

“I don’t want to stop playing until I finish a conversation with a game character. This is so engaging and I know this will help me and my friends become more comfortable with using our English in all situations.”
- Final Year College Student, Engineering College (Female, 21)

“We have English knowledge, but can’t explain ourselves well. In the game, when I saw choices, it was easier to figure out the path forward.”
- Sales Executive, Hi-tech Engineering Company (Male, 40)

“This game helped me find ways to communicate with other professionals. In fact, it’s effective for both business English and also building confidence for general conversation.”
- iOs Developer, IT Solutions Company (Female, 28)

“I was recently promoted based on my work performance. Now, I face a new challenge - to communicate my ideas in English as a Senior Executive. This game is interesting because I don’t even notice I am learning.”
- Senior Executive, R&D, Pharmaceutical Company (Male, 35)


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