How a College Student Made the Leap from Fear to Confidence!

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At LearnEd, every week we come across so many talented, young people who have not been able to display their talent fully, only because using English effectively is a barrier for them. We have spoken about this in multiple posts, that we often equate English skills with technical skills, and thus when a person cannot communicate in a specific manner, people assume that they can’t do their job right either.

This is a big disadvantage for students as well. Classrooms are just as competitive an environment as offices, if not more. When it comes to professional or graduate colleges, classrooms end up being a place of anxiety for so many students who don’t feel comfortable expressing themselves in English in front of their instructors or their class. Today, we bring to you Mihika Sharma, a client with LearnEd who has a similar set of problems.

Mihika is a college student, and one of her biggest fears is to speak in front of her class.

This means that even though she usually knows the answers to questions asked or has a valid point to contribute to a class discussion, she is scared to raise her hand and speak. By extension, this makes people believe that she has nothing to say. To address this problem, she signed up for the LearnEd English Communication Programme, which is offered through the Ahmedabad Management Association. Considering that the programme is a mobile-learning course, she had the freedom to take lessons on our app Project LeapOn as per her own schedule and meet live instructors via webinars.

Mihika had a lot of expectations from the course, and she enjoyed it, getting the opportunity to learn something new. Over a month of using the app LeapOn and the three customised Webinars, Mihika wished there were more characters in the app to work with!

Like many of us, Mihika too believes that she won’t be able to succeed in her education or career unless her communication skills shine through.

Her association with LearnEd so far has made a difference. Not only has she learned new things, she feels that with a chance to practice her speech during her webinar sessions and the way-forward suggested by her instructors, she will impactfully improve her communication in the future, with systematic practice.

“LearnEd has definitely given me the confidence to speak in front of my class”, says Mihika.

If you wish that this were you, or think that with some effort this can be you, LearnEd is right here to help. Sign up, now!


[Candidate’s name and image changed for privacy.]

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