Run! A Word that needs a Dictionary for Itself!

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We often dismiss forwards that we receive on our phones, sometimes not even bothering to read them fully. While I admit, this is a practice that I regularly follow, sometimes, just sometimes, I’ll find a gem in the plethora of forwards that come our way.
Here is one such gem:

Do you know of a three letter English word that has over 650 meanings? Yes! One word has over 650 meanings. The word is RUN.

Here is a prose sample of the meanings of run. Hold your breath for you are about to be stunned!

Context is everything. Think about it: When you run a fever, those three letters have a very different meaning than when you run a bath to treat it, or when your bathwater subsequently runs over and drenches your cotton bath runner, forcing you to run out to the store and buy a new one. There, you run up a bill of Rs 850/- because besides a rug and some cold medicine, you also need some thread to fix the run in your stockings and some tissue for your runny nose and a packet of milk because you’ve run through your supply at home, and all this makes dread run through your soul because your value-club membership runs out at the end of the month and you’ve already run over your budget on last week’s grocery run when you ran over a nail in the parking lot and now your car won’t even run properly because whatever idiot runs that parking apparently lets his custodial staff run amok and you know you’re letting your inner monologue run on and on but, God—you’d do things differently if you ran the world. Maybe you should run for office.

By the way, did it ever run through your mind that RUN could runaway in so many directions?

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