Did you Know you were Pronouncing these Words Wrong?

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There is always one figure in our life whose English speaking abilities make us envious. There is also that one person in all our lives who insists on correcting our English grammar and pronunciations!
Do you have a person like that around you, or are you that person for others? The truth is, though, that one must always keep on learning.
The LearnEd philosophy comes from there, and with every blog post, we hope to keep increasing the breadth of learning for all of you.

Did you know that the correct pronunciation of the word “ pizza” is actually “peet-za” and not any of the other versions that we use? Or that the right way to say the word “monk” is to say it as “munk”, and not “mow-nk”?

This week, we bring to you an interesting article that outlines ten such common words that we use so often every day, and yet we get them wrong! You can catch the article here.
The pronunciations of words tend to get altered depending on the region one stays in, its dominant language, and how that language impacts English that is spoken around it. This happens in reverse too, for example, when the British were in India, they found it extremely difficult to pronounce the word “Thiruvananthapuram”, and hence it gradually became “Trivandrum”. While this was an official change, a lot of us end up pronouncing regular words incorrectly and normalising the incorrect pronunciation as the correct one.

LearnEd’s advice is to use this article as a starting point and spend some time each day to look up common words in the dictionary to see how they are pronounced, or find a voice recording of the pronunciation on the internet. Learn five new words every day, and never stop gaining new insights from them!
For any more questions, Team LearnEd is always here to save the day!

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