Our New Webinar to Turn your Communication to an Art is here!

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Think of yourself in a big meeting- lots of people talking to each other, lots of ideas being thrown around, some accepted, some rejected; some shine, some don’t float up. In a setting like this, you may find that your words and ideas are getting lost in a sea of conversation. It may seem like a large game of chinese-whispers, and sometimes we realise that someone else has pitched the same idea that you did, albeit better worded, and that idea is appreciated by everyone. I feel your frustration. This happens to me often too, and I always wish I could present my idea with more clearly.

If this a predicament you share too, I might have something that can help you. I’ve discussed this issue with my team at LearnEd, and their tips to converse clearly are spot-on. Together, the team developed these into a Live Webinar that we now offer to you. We believe that developing formulae to help sharpen your communication is a handy tool. Fine-tuning the right way of forming your sentences is the difference between an average speech and a perfect one. Our new, free webinar ‘Must-use Phrases to Move Your Communication from Skill to Art’ will be a short, 45-minute session that will help you develop these techniques for yourself.

The unique aspect of this session is that this is an interactive webinar. You will get to dissect actual conversations to decode how to be clearer when you express yourself. Not just that, you will also get to engage with our expert facilitator Neesha Patel by asking your questions at the end of webinar. Through practice and extensive questions, you may just pick up a neat trick or two to get the desired impact in your next conversation!

This webinar is entirely free, we promise. The only thing we need from you is your time, for 45 minutes on the 31st of August, 2018 at 9 PM, IST. You can book yourself a seat for this exclusive session now, by registering through this link!

Register today, and take the first step towards turning your English communication skill into an art!


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