LearnEd Announces its new Free Webinar!

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What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear Shahrukh Khan speak at an interview or an event? For most of us, when we listen to someone like that on a public platform, we wish to be able to sound as succinct, clear and witty as that person.

When you think about it, most of our heroes are people who make an impact in terms of how they speak- those who seem to command the English language to work for them.

Team LearnEd believes that strong communication and interpersonal skills will allow a person to make a big impact when they communicate and will lead them to more successful outcomes in their conversations. We also believe that one doesn’t have to be born with these skills to reach such a state, but with some guidance and enough practice, anyone with a basic knowledge of the English language can do it. With this same idea in mind, we at Team LearnEd are delighted to announce an absolutely free webinar on the 5 Techniques to Create Impact in your Communication.

In a 45 minute session with our expert facilitator and founder Tarana Patel, you have the chance to go through a detailed understanding of these 5 techniques, along with an in-depth discussion on how you can incorporate such skills in your own conversations. Once the difference between clarity and impact is clear, it will allow you to hone your communication to achieve a successful outcome. If you are a professional who needs English in their everyday dealings at work, or if you are a fresh, ambitious graduate who is looking for the job of their dreams- or even if you are just someone who believes that good communication skills and soft skills will bring about more personal and professional growth for you – this webinar is just the right fit for you! The best part is that you get an interactive learning experience with an internationally qualified expert, right from the comfort of your own home! Just log on using your phone or computer, and you will be connected! Register here for the webinar.

At LearnEd, we believe that sharing helps us grow. This is why your participation is your only fee for this webinar, no hidden costs, we promise! The webinar will be hosted on the 17th of August at 7 PM IST, and all you need to do to ensure your participation is to register now for the same. Register HERE! 

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