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The mania of English has taken over!

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The word ‘Mania’ means an excessive enthusiasm or desire, or an obsession of something. A kleptomaniac is someone who has an obsessive desire to steal from wherever they are. Similarly, today we bring to you a TED Talk by Jay Walker, about the mania around learning English. Jay Walker is an innovator by nature and by profession. He is an entrepreneur (Wait, how do you pronounce that word?  – on-trop-ren-er) and runs a research lab that works to create digital business systems.

The video is a rather engaging look at why English is relevant, and which is why people all over the world are trying to master the language. As you read this, two billion people are learning English! In countries like ours where English isn’t our first language, there is a genuine obsession with learning English. Think about your own city – how many advertisements do you regularly see, about classes for public speaking, IELTS training and so much more. These businesses are evident of our need to learn English and speak it fluently.

The video also talks about the extensive exams that schools in China conduct to test their students on their English. Why?

Most of us also want to be able to speak, read and write in English without any hesitation or errors. This need carries all over the world, and thus, English is becoming the language of the world. Jay Walker puts it so aptly, “English is becoming the language of problem-solving all over the world.”

English is fast becoming our hope for a better future, and LearnEd hopes to become a channel to help you achieve your dreams in this very future! Grab the reins of your growth now, and ensure that you practice your communication each day, regularly. If you have any questions, feel free to write to LearnEd now!

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