Learning is a personal experience.

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Where do you learn best? On your sofa, in a classroom, through conversations, from books, online? It matters to think about where and how you learn best.  I learn best through conversations, experiences, and visuals.

Learning is personal and the more you understand where you learn best, the better you’ll be able to embrace and enjoy your learning experiences – whether it is English, another academic subject, or a skill to help you excel at your workplace.

In our professional lives, we may think about learning more or advancing our skills. Giving thought to where and how we learn best might give us new insights. Furthermore, “where” not only indicates a physical environment where you learn best but also the place in your brain where learning comes most easily for you.  

Listen to celebrated author and psychologist, Barbara Oakley, Talk at Google Inc. about learning and tricks to become a better learner.  We’ll continue exploring learning in future posts. Stay tuned!


  1. I feel we learn every moment maybe not consciously but for sure, unconsciously. Learning is an ongoing process. Hope m not confusing experience with learning.

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