Announcing LeapOn: Our New Mobile Game

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Our mission for LearnEd is to fuel corporate success by imparting structured training in English communication skills.

While our team has effectively delivered the theoretical and practical concepts of good communication with on-site workplace training, the act of following through to retain and build on this skill set has been difficult for employees.  

Working professionals in Indian companies tend to need the English language for 30 to 40 percent of their jobs. In a world where Hindi and local dialects are the primary medium of communication, English is often left behind, simply as language to list on one’s resume, instead of an asset that is strengthened and put to good use. Reading newspapers, watching television and maintaining vocabulary logs are useful ways to keep one on their toes. However, a busy corporate schedule doesn’t always allow for time to put one’s valuable learning to use.

Realizing that learners needed constant engagement and not just training, social interaction became an integral part of successful communication for our founder Tarana Patel; finding ways for learners to have increased face-to-face conversations was the challenge.

After years of searching for a way to make the regular practice of English communication skills easy and accessible, Tarana emerged with a solution: leapOn.

leapOn is LearnEd’s educative game with an interactive interface that allows one to consistently hone their communication abilities, even outside of the workplace.

By taking fundamental principles of conversation skills and gamifying them with challenges and rewards, our team has managed to create an immersive on-screen environment that enables the learner to sharpen their communicative skills on the go.

Simulating real life, the game’s premise involves choices and consequences centered around communication. The player’s success in the game depends on their interaction with other characters, thereby encouraging a better understanding of interpersonal relations and conversational etiquette.

In the weeks leading up to the game’s launch, the LearnEd team remains excited to diversify its efforts and go digital with all new, portable and interactive way to become a better communicator.

Leap on and stay tuned as the story continues.

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