KPI’s for your team’s English communication skills

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This week, we interviewed the leader of a Global Engineering Innovations Team in our hometown of Ahmedabad. We asked this wiz to reflect on his experience as a participant in our training program and to share his views on the relevance of English Communication Skills for his team’s success. Let’s hear from Gokulesh! His domain of knowledge is Machine Design. He leads a Global Engineering Center in India for a parent company located in Germany.

Gokulesh is his team’s visionary, guide, and operations head. Some of his top responsibilities include managing design projects for large international companies, driving Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to ensure on-time project deliveries, creating and developing value engineering projects for international clients, and finally, managing his team through clear communications, strong relationship building, and transparent leadership.

Gokulesh’s role requires an engineer’s mind and a leader’s empathy. As his trainer, I’ve had deep discussions with him about how we can streamline his team’s communication practices for performance and build his team’s confidence to use English effectively for their tasks.

Our leader shared his thoughts after his team’s experiences with LearnEd’s on-site training programs.

Important scenarios where English communication can improve work performance

  1.   Emails, memos, new policies and instructions
  2.   Presentations and marketing campaigns
  3.   Conference calls for project kick-offs

How English communication skills impact team performance

“Communication is the soul of any business. Especially it’s a challenge when working across multiple time zones and cultures. Here, English is our common platform.” – Gokulesh

Good communication:

  •         Helps us win more business
  •         Keeps a project on a fast track and enables round the clock working by taking advantage of time zone differences
  •         Increases customer satisfaction
  •         Improves inter-organizational efficiency
  •         Enhances image in the community and industry

On the flip side…

“Misunderstanding emails, marketing tools or proposals due to incorrect grammar or awkward style and tone is costly and could lead to disastrous events.” – Gokulesh

Bad communication:

  •         Can lead to no or incomplete responses from overseas colleagues
  •         Can cause the team to rework things, possibly affecting project deadlines and causing delays
  •         Can make an undesirable impression of how a company runs its business

Goals for English communication skills building for the team

  1.   Interpretation and understanding of assignments
  2.   Response to queries and technical reports
  3.   Conference calls for project discussions
  4.   Face to face meetings during visits for onsite support

How LearnEd program has helped the team so far

  •         Created a professional image of the team’s services
  •         Helped understand importance of clear & concise communication
  •         Taught the team about intercultural etiquettes
  •         Established effective templates for frequent information exchange
  •         Increased productivity
  •         Improved trust in inter-company business
  •         Developed the team’s presentation skills
  •         Enriched library with Business English phrases

Gokulesh has laid out some groundwork for his team’s KPI’s for their English communication needs.

Whether you are a leader, a budding professional, or a Human Resources decision-maker, thinking through these questions for your own organization may help you identify problems that are specifically related to communication skills in English.

Let us know how we can help your team determine and then work towards meeting their KPI’s for English Communication Skills.

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