Why I Joined LearnEd- Shalini Sharma

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Right from childhood, I have admired teachers and teaching. I always wanted to speak well and express myself in English. I have observed that when we exhibit good communication skills, we are noticed and respected. The same holds true at the professional level as well. Even though I did my schooling in the English medium, and I was a bright student as far as written English is concerned, I was still always on a back foot whenever it came to speaking confidently in English. My principal at school encouraged me to participate in public speaking events, which helped, but I was still underconfident. This continued until I finished my education, and I came to a point where I was looking for work.

My quench to excel in the corporate world where I wished to fulfil my dream of expressing my thoughts and get an appreciation for the same got me to LearnEd.

When I met Tarana and understood what LearnEd does, it made me more than happy to join them and lend my support in spreading the importance of English communication to the corporate world. I’m thrilled that there is a tool that helps people make their way out of the situation that many of us find ourselves stuck in. The training that LearnEd imparts through the game LeapOn is something that I would honestly prefer, to learn something in this fast-paced lifestyle. The idea of teaching English communication to professionals through LeapOn and making them efficient enough to excel in their own domain has attracted me to work and contribute to the company.

As a Digital Marketer and Graphic Designer at LearnEd, my pictures need to speak a lot of English, sometimes even more so than the words. My short messages need to be so precise and on the point that the audience immediately connects to it.

Joining Tarana and Team LearnEd gave me an opportunity to explore this side of communicating in English using strategy, a side that we often ignore. Working with such a talented team has made me realise many unexpected things about the English Language, and I am sure I will continue to learn just as much as our clients do!


  1. Nice ..!!I wish you get maore and more success whatever you do.. And join me too yaar..!

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