Is English our National Language?

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In an earlier post on this blog, we had discussed how jobs, both in India and in other countries of the world, are going to those with technical skills and English fluency, as compared to those with just technical skills. The fact is that India is looking to equip its workforce with talented individuals who can communicate globally in English. Not just at work, but in social situations too.

This week, we bring you an article from The New York Times that further expounds the same conversation. India seems to be splitting into two sections- India and Bharat. While new age India seems to speak fluently in English, consumes Netflix on the go, writes emails to get their work done and often thinks in English, it is Bharat that still struggles to fill forms in English, it is Bharat whose businesses and services flourish in regional languages, but find it difficult to expand outside of that.

While there is no officially declared national language in the country, English is fast becoming a common denominator among people from different regions through the entire nation. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that everyone has a chance at learning to speak, read and write in English. Most private schools offer this, but a lot of government schools don’t. Plus, for people who are already working, it is difficult to find the time to learn now. However, no one deserves to be deprived of excellence and success because they haven’t mastered a language they weren’t born with.

The article states enough cases of how people have moved to better places in their lives and careers by using English as a stepladder; ‘escaped’ even, along with how different people are attempting to encourage the use and training of English regularly. It is 2018, and we at LearnEd strongly believe that it is time that each and every one of us should have a fair chance at learning to communicate well. Our courses are designed with this very objective, to build more and more possibilities by creating a country fluent in English. You too can join the future, contact LearnEd today to find out how!

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