This is where India stands on the English Proficiency Index

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Have you ever wondered how India ranks when it comes to English proficiency, as compared to the other countries of the world? Your curiosity ends here because a lot of others have wondered the same too. The answer lies in EF’s EPI – an English Proficiency Index.

The EPI is calculated on the basis of an extensive, free English proficiency test. The test is free and open to all, the results of which are mapped to create the biggest ranking of regions as per the scores obtained by its people who appear for the test. Not only is the index dynamic, it also takes into account age, improvement and learning initiatives. It also balances the gender skew, and over 80 regions have been tested, with over one million test takers this year.

India is ranked at number 27 this year. The average proficiency score for India is 56.12, and India is the fourth on the list of all Asian countries! What is interesting is that India’s rank has been fluctuating, starting at number 30 out of 40 countries in 2011, to number 25 of 63 in 2014, to its current ranking of number 27 of 80 countries.

This growth can be attributed to an increase in education and communication skill-building opportunities for people of all ages, as well as more frequent practice at conversing in English, both in business and social situations. You can read more about India’s performance in this index here, and more about the index itself here.

LearnEd’s team strives to put India at the top of this index in the next few years. You can join our mission to, by working with LearnEd to improve your communication skills, today!



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