Reap the Benefits of Communications Training through our Free Webinar!

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Are you a company that believes that stronger communication skills will greatly benefit your employees, and therefore benefit your business? Are you an employee who thinks the same? Well then, congratulations, because you form a part of a rather successful minority in the business sector.

As per this Forbes article, communication training is a vital part of keeping your organisation running smoothly and cohesively. Improved work communication has been linked to better job satisfaction, improved company performance, increased productivity, and more empowered employees. The idea behind such training is to create a confident workforce that can express themselves clearly and create maximum impact through their conversations. This helps build employees and a work-culture of transparency and productivity. Not only do good communicators lead to more business with clients and services, but they also do better with internal communication, pitches and performance reviews!

If you also feel that you are someone who has a lot to say, but that your words are not hitting home with your listeners at work, team LearnEd has just the right gift for you. Join our newest free (yes, no hidden costs!) webinar online, on the 17th of August at 7 PM IST. The webinar focuses on 5 Techniques to create Impact in your Communication. You can read more about the webinar here.

Register now, and add your name to the list of impactful communicators right away!

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