Explaining LeapOn: Why Our Game Is The Logical Next Step to Better Communication

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With LeapOn, LearnEd has made a well-researched attempt to marry education and entertainment.

Our new mobile platform allows one to sharpen their communication skills in a truly interactive way and here’s how:

Constant Engagement

Ever since primitive times, entertainment has been an integral part of the human experience. Right from gladiator fights to ancient theater to classic board games, history has shown us that people love to play.

It’s no surprise that the integration of learning into games increases engagement levels in players. With engagement comes enthusiasm to learn. With practice, players are able to acquire communicative knowledge and skills that might otherwise be delivered only in a workplace or classroom environment.

LeapOn encourages competition, victory, and loss – the innate components of any healthy gaming experience.

Increased Motivation

With the existence of a digital world where one’s mission is on the line, success suddenly becomes much more important.

In the game, the player takes on an influential position via their character. While roleplaying, the player makes conscious choices geared towards better interaction with characters around them. By projecting themselves onto the character, players become more invested in the fictional mission and tend to exhibit the notion that a lot more is at stake.

Communicating well, therefore, becomes essential not only for a high score but also because of the player’s personal connection with the game.

Supplemental Learning

The age of textbook learning is over. While LearnEd’s workplace training is practical and interactive in itself, the mobile game App facilitates the practice of communication skills outside of training sessions while simulating real-life situations in a story-based environment.

By logically adapting principles of entertainment based gaming for higher engagement and motivation, our founder has combined the best of both worlds and pioneered a product that keeps the learner engaged and motivated to capture concepts as they emerge in conversations with various characters.

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