From Textbooks to Screens: The Future of English is Online!

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Textbook learning is over! Welcome to the Future.

Always thought that books and traditional classrooms would put you to sleep before you actually learned anything? Here’s your solution to that. Take a look at this infographic from EdTech Review, which elucidates the advantages that come from virtual classrooms and online education portals.

At LearnEd, we strongly believe that bite-sized learning, in an engaging virtual environment is what helps you retain the most of what you learn. LeapOn, our mobile training game provides you a safe, simulated environment where you can practice conversation strategy without any fear of real-life embarrassment. The immersive game lets you take on challenges of varying difficulties, and the live webinar clinics help you translate your take-aways from the game into real-life knowledge and practical explanations.

Make this leap from fear to confidence today, and let the future bring you to the English that you deserve to speak in!

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