What key ROI’s should you reap from English communication training?

  • Effective Communication

    Effective communication creates successful outcomes and shortens communication loops

  • global situations

    Employees are prepared to represent your business in global situations - meetings, exhibitions, negotiations, sales rounds.

  • skilled communicators

    You have a larger pool of skilled communicators that can tackle your business effectively.

Why is this training method effective?

Engaging and self-paced
practice through game play and live webinar clinics.

Instant feedback
during game play and also in a detailed performance report.

Understanding the relativity
between rules of the language and how to create successful communication with systematic practice.

Here’s what our participants have to say about Project LeapOn!

“I don’t want to stop playing until I finish a conversation with a game character. This is so engaging and I know this will help me and my friends become more comfortable with using our English in all situations.”
- Final Year College Student, Engineering College (Female, 21)

“We have the English knowledge, but can’t explain ourselves well. In the game, when I saw choices, it was easier to figure out the path forward.”
- Sales Executive, Hi-tech Engineering Company (Male, 40)

“This game will help me find ways to communicate with other professionals. In fact, it’s effective both for business English and also building confidence for general conversation.”
- iOs Developer, IT Solutions Company (Female, 28)

“I was recently promoted based on my work performance. Now, I face a new challenge - to communicate my ideas in English as a Senior Executive. This game is interesting because I don’t even notice I am learning.”
- Senior Executive, R&D, Pharmaceutical Company (Male, 35)

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