A Brand New Course To Bridge Your Gap Between Academics & Industry

Engage learnEd to equip your human resources with tools for effective communication in English and fuel your company’s growth. We work with you to create a road map that accommodates your organization’s goals and trainees’ needs precisely. We draw short-term and long-term achievement targets and create an experience that is a perfect fit for your organization. Training programs can vary from day-long workshops to month-long classes.

A Brand New Course To Bridge Your Gap Between Academics & Industry

Precise Writing for the Pharma Workplace

Writing clearly in English is one of the most important non-technical skills required to succeed in the Pharma workplace. Let us prepare with you with the precise writing skills you will need at your job so that you can create well-organized, clear, and error-free documentation! 

Win your supervisors’ trust! Grow in your career!

    How It Works

    • Enroll in this online course   | Course duration: 5 days
    • Get individualized video and written feedback on tasks
    • Get a performance report
    • Get an analysis of your communicative ability
    • Get a Certificate from LearnEd, USA 

    This course is for you if you are – 

    • a current student or a recent Pharma graduate who wishes to make a career in the Pharma industry and become successful at your job.
    • working in the pharmaceutical industry and have technical content knowledge but need to sharpen communication skills to write confidently in English and create error-free documents like reports, SOPs, and other GMP documents.
    • a Pharma workplace looking to prepare teams to write correct and clear documentation to pass regulatory compliances

    “A flawed or poorly written document is a waste of the pharma company’s time and resources.”

    In the Pharmaceutical Industry, not writing records and processes clearly can have several negative consequences. For instance, the pharma product can be recalled, the business can lose clients, and the company can even face lawsuits. At a more personal level, your supervisor could lose trust in your for your quality of work. Or you may lose an opportunity to grow in your job at the company because of your lack of strong communication skills. 

    The Pharma Industry depends on accurate writing and reporting of all their processes. This course gives you a comprehensive view of precise writing that is essential for maintaining internal records and creating documentation for regulatory compliances. We show you techniques that will help you develop a focus on the reader of your documents and on how to organize writing that is clear and error-free.

    “What you write, you do and what you do, you write.”

    A successful Pharma Quality Assurance office once told us this. While most regulatory compliance bodies tell companies what documents they need in writing, they do not tell you how to write them. This course will present precise writing in the context of the pharma industry, where proper documentation of all processes is mandatory for delivering any information. Effectively prepared documents, reports, and SOPs help to keep companies on track with all compliance bodies.

    In this course, you will learn about:

    1. How to organize and deliver information for the intended audience, as well as write clear and precise documents. 
    2. Techniques to write error-free documents so as to meet and address reviewers’ comments.
    3. How to make Human-centric communication so as to build Trust.
    4. Sound grammatical concepts, address certain problem areas of the English language.
    5. How to write documents and reports that ensure consistency in operations.
    6. How to ensure that all written documents adhere to the ALCOA principles.
    7. The importance of document integrity and data integrity.
    8. How specific English grammar works and how it serves to make process documents more clear and logical.
    9. How to revise and refine your own and others’ writing and review and revise all written documents.
    10. How to provide adequate detail in your writing, how to document the scope and impact of problems and how you can use precise writing to conduct an actionable investigation.


    This training will help me to improve my efficiency at work. I also feel more confident about my writing skills and learned a lot about the different types of documents we will have to create in our Pharma job role. 

    We had to write a lot in college but we don’t know much about what types of documents we will have to write when we work in the Pharma Industry. This course was very informative. It has closed the gap for me between what I learned in my M. Pharm. program in college and what I will be expected to do when I work in a Pharma company. 

    My English is good but I had some doubts about how to write important documentation well and clearly. This course gave me sentence level practice and also a really useful checklist that I can apply to make any written documentation error-free and clear.