For Advanced English Communication

Here’s what you will get

  • 10-day interactive program to practice English conversation

  • Daily engaging tasks sent to your inbox

  • 2x 30-minute video coaching calls with experts from the USA

  • Access to our strategy game app to practice your communication skills

  • Detailed progress reports and real-time feedback

  • Ongoing support to achieve your goals in 10 days

Take part in the most transformative program to practice English speaking!

10 Days | 30 mins/day | Online | Limited to 20 participants per session

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The LearnEd Method

The brain is wired to associate naturally with experiences rather than facts. That’s why our courses are built around deliberate language practice in context.


Live Online Coaching

In 30-minute intensive practice sessions, your coach will give you detailed feedback on conversation strategy, pronunciation, and speech clarity.


Our Game App

Our unique learning game app – Leap On, available on Android Play Store will take you through a journey of challenges where your success will be measured by how you apply communication strategy.


Daily Tasks

A daily task will help you work through language and phrases to master conversations on various topics.

A fun immersive way to learn conversational English.
Here’s what you will learn

Take this engaging, immersive course that gives you the opportunity to strengthen your communication practice using innovative tools.

  • Understand your current English ability and how you can develop it further.
  • Analyse communication in various situations and learn the nuances and principles that can boost your skills.
  • Apply new concepts in different contexts to build confidence, to use your English effectively.
  • Challenge and Evaluate your conversation strategy, decision-making and communication skills in the safe environment of game-based role play.
  • Interact with coaches to improve fluency through authentic conversations. Think on your feet, apply what you have learned, and feel more confident to participate in any English conversation.

Program Preview

Success Stories

  • This training helped me sharpen my communication skills. The lateral thinking exercise helped me think outside the box.

    – Project Manager

  • The proper understanding and use of conversational intelligence has given me the insight and tools to be used in different situations faced in professional life for getting desired results, through effective negotiation skills.

    – Sales Executive

  • It emphasises on creating positive impression on the customer’s mind, which in turn creates longer associations.

    – Customer Relations Manager

  • This training changed my outlook towards my work. I started appreciating my subordinates and started interacting with them more to solve problems.

    – Management Executive

  • Listening skill was part of training which I liked the most. All the sessions are useful for the workplace as well as for any other communication.

    – Business Trainee

  • Great help! Now I like to use tools such as chronological patterns and problem-to-solution patterns in my business writing.

    – Freelance Writer

  • This training will be useful not only within the company but also will help me in my career by learning how to give effective introductions. It will also help me learn about different cultures through listening skills.

    – Marketing Executive

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