Carve Your Own Path

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Meet Krunal!

He is learnED’s biggest BELIEVER! He also believes that anything is possible. Our nickname for Krunal is Mr. Possible. Krunal set up the first learnED course we ever taught in India. And, the path he laid out for us with his “anything is possible” attitude set us up for our continued success. Since then, Krunal and I have worked on many projects together for learnED. We are now joining forces to introduce a new and innovative way of conducting learnED’s training programs.

Krunal hails from a small town in North Gujarat, Visnagar, and made his way to the UK to pursue his B.Sc. studies in Biotech. Helping the youth carve their own path to success is Krunal’s passion and strength. His leadership is inspiring. Upon returning to India after his higher studies, Krunal first worked in the former Chief Minister and our current Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi’s very own science think-tank. His passion for working with the youth took him back to his roots in North Gujarat.

Today, Krunal has placed 400 students in over 159 national and international organizations.

When Krunal sees a problem, he pursues it until he finds an answer. He recently founded The Career Council (INDIA) – a registered organization responsible for promoting Career Education in India. Through this effort, he has mobilized Human Resources and Training Officers in Gujarat to solve problems and create opportunities to make Gujarat’s youth more employable.

Krunal has also trained and counseled more than 4500 students and 32 corporate officers.

If I had to name just one example of someone who has carved his own path, that would be Krunal!

You can find him on Facebook or by email at

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