We are LearnEd.

LearnEd began in India in 2011 as an on-site language training company catering to universities and companies. Today, our mobile-learning courses prepare job-seekers, professionals and companies for success in English communication. LearnEd recently launched its first immersive game app-Leap On, for English communication strategy practice. Our goal is to help participants boost their confidence in their use of English for success at work and in their personal life.

Our courses have been designed with over a decade of teaching experience in the USA, China, and India. Over 1500 participants including university students, young professionals, and corporate clients have completed learnEd courses & workshops. Our major clients include a business training center and several large-scale manufacturing companies in Ahmedabad, India.

Our vision is to make communicating in English a handy tool for those aiming for career success and personal growth. Our participants have moved abroad for work or education, received major promotions at the job, and become confident public speakers. Most importantly, they have broken barriers of power and social status that the inability to interact in English often creates

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Team Members

Tarana Patel

Tarana Patel


C. Scott Hindell

Business Design Advisor

Sameer Bhatia

Business Strategy Advisor

Barbara Snell

Learning Design

Yash Maniar

Business Strategy

Neesha Patel

Core facilitator

Tony Kazanjian

Game Design & Android

Farheen Raaj

Content Outreach

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